Why MiraBlue? Why BlueCap?

Ease of Manufacturing

• The manufacturing process for the capsule is a one-step fabrication
• Avoids the use of expensive chemicals and solvents during production

Wide Array of Applications for Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Companies

• The capsule does not dissolve in the stomach acid and the small intestine and only dissolves in the colon
• Excellent delivery system for colon specific compounds and biologics, such as probiotics and Vitamin K

Eliminates Two Factors Causing Shortened Shelf Life

• The capsule is moisture resistant, making it an ideal delivery system for moisture sensitive compounds
• The capsule comes ready to fill and does not need a heat treated enteric coating

Shorter Product Development Cycle

• The capsules arrives to the customer ready-to-use with no additional coating steps
• Product lines can be quickly launched by simply filling the capsules with the desired active ingredients

BlueCap Technology

Our novel, patent-pending BlueCap Technology is a colon-specific delivery system for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical active ingredients.

We aim to provide manufacturers with a capsule technology that will improve treatments for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and colorectal cancer patients. Our technology will help encourage others to improve their colon health and continue living a healthy lifestyle, one capsule at a time.