"At MiraBlue Bio, we are dedicated to commercializing a colon delivery system that can provide Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and colocrectal cancer patients, among others, with the active drugs that they need to get better. And we hope that our technology will help encourage other people to improve their colon health and continue living a healthy lifestyle."


                             - Kristin Henry, Chief Marketing Officer

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Our Mission

MiraBlue Bio, LLC is a startup based in Athens, Georgia. Our mission is to develop cost effective, colon-specific delivery systems for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. We hope to improve the lifestyle of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) sufferers, and eventually eliminate the threat of Salmonella to humans by preventing it in chickens.

Currently, those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders spend money on drugs that would largely be lost in the harsh environment of the human stomach. Our company has been focused on formulating a novel capsule technology to carry the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds entirely to the colon, where it will release the product. For Salmonella treatment, we are employing the same biopolymer formulation to feed chickens without the running the risks posed by antibiotics in terms of bacterial resistance.

At this stage in our startup’s journey, we are seeking funding to complete safety and toxicity trials, so that we may license our patent-pending technologies to animal feed, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies looking to innovate and improve their delivery systems. We ultimately aim to create a healthier world, one capsule at a time.